Incorporating Strengths into Collaborative Case Conceptualization to Build Resilience
by Dr. Christine A. Padesky, Ph.D.

Christine A. Padesky,Ph.D

Workshop Schedule
How to apply japanese

Day 1

Case Conceptualization: Three guiding principles
     What does research say?
     Why collaborate?

     The many faces of empiricism
     Levels of conceptualization
     Incorporate strengths to build resilience

Can you understand me?
     Descriptive case conceptualization
     Sample conceptualizations
     Active understanding of cultural impact
     Demonstration and practice

Search for hidden strengths!
     Bring strengths to client awareness
     Client Imagery, metaphors, and language
     Small group exercises

Why does this keep happening to me?
     Cross-sectional case conceptualizations
     Triggers, maintenance cycles & positive coping
     Avoidance & safety behaviors
     Demonstrations & role play practice

Day 2

How can I be sure my future will not repeat my past?
     Longitudinal case conceptualization
     Predisposing and protective factors
     From vulnerability to resilience
     When are longitudinal conceptualizations necessary?

A 4-step model to build resilience
     Constructing a personal model of resilience
     Harnessing imagery and metaphors to build resilience
     What difference does a resilience focus make?
     Demonstration and practice

From Chaos to Clarity: Three commonsense rules
     3 guiding principles
     3 levels of conceptualization
     3 minutes