Christine A. Padesky,Ph.D.

Please note the planned content of the workshops may be subject to change.

These workshops are designed for:
Doctors, Clinical psychologists, counselors (Industrial counselors), Nurses, Teachers, Professors, people who are involved in occupations relating to medicine/education/welfare/healthcare such as social workers, as well as graduate students in these fields.

Two days:      JPY 38,000.- (incl. TAX)
Four days:     JPY 74,000.- (incl. TAX)
Student Discount
Two days:      JPY 35,000.- (incl. TAX)
Four days:     JPY 68,000.- (incl. TAX)

@Would you like to enjoy an informal chat and a meal with Dr. Padesky?
If so please come to our gathering on the evening after the first workshop.
Date & Time: May 3rd 2008 17:00 to 19:00
Place:     View Lounge gDaimonjih, Mielparque-Kyoto
Fee: JPY 5,000.- (in addition to attendance fee)

Workshop Venue:
676-13, Higashi-no-Touindoori-Nanajyousagaru-Higashi-Shiokouji-machi,
Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto@600-8216
TEL: +81-75-352-7444

FAX: +81-7-352-7390

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